On Size and Time

It is laughable for me the idea that the size of the entire observable universe, as we know it, holds any absolute significance what so ever. Whatever you find, no matter how monumentally large you think it is, rest assured it’s only a tiny fragment of a much bigger picture. The observable universe as we know it must be just an insignificant piece of a much infinitely large jigsaw puzzle that in turn is only one of a collection of billions of jigsaw puzzles.

Similarly, most will think of atoms as minuscule, but putting them into the context of the size of a single electron, the atom is a massive world just like what we think of ours. Perhaps entire civilisations live on there, atoms buzz with complex life systems that have their own struggles, their own passions and their own conflicts. The electron is also a gigantic entity when put into the context of the smaller, yet not understood, fragments that form it. There is no such thing as a smallest entity just like there is no such thing as a largest entity. Anything that there is, would be simultaneously monumentally vast and minutely small.

Time follows exactly the same trend. Time is infinite whether you look backwards where you will always find what’s older or you look forward, for there is always something newer. The cycle of size and time is infinitely beautiful, and it’s simply arrogant to try and draw a limit on either of them in either direction, no matter how old, no matter how small, no matter how large and no matter how new.

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