Of Cells and Men


Each cell in the human body has its own life. It starts from a predecessor,  it grows old, it replicates and it always dies. Just like us. From the single cell’s perspective, all what matters, is its well-being and longevity. It also lives in a community and interacts with fellow cells. They just think that they’re living in a magnificent universe of numerous creatures like themselves. They  know that there are million of millions of them and that the universe they live in is insanely large. What most of them might not realise is the gestalt. That they are just there to maintain the life of a much more complex organism.
We should be aware not to give in to the same illusion. We are merely cells interacting together to serve the existence of a very complex organism that we are just too primitive to comprehend.

Just like there are different types of cell in an organism’s body, there are different species in our ecosystem. Whilst bacteria could represent one organ in this ecosystem, human beings might be representing a different organ in it.

The importance of programmed death in individual cells is vital for the survival of the organism. Millions of cells will perish in your body on daily basis to give space for the new fresh generations to join in. Death, for the dying cell, and for its friends and family, is a tragic incident – but the individual human should be very thankful to the fact that these cells are dying in the millions every day. It takes one cell. Only one cell, to hack the programmed death mechanism and deactivate it to achieve some form of immortality. In everyday life we call this process of cell immortality a cancer. A terrible disease which results from the selfishness of one cell with a massive ego who thought to itself one day that it doesn’t want to die. It hacks that built in mechanism of death and it replicates rapidly leading to the fast death of the entire human, if no treatment is offered. Treatment essentially revolves around the execution of the selfish cells.

Imagine people developing technologies that wold turn them immortal. That would simply be humanity, or perhaps life as we know it getting cancer. And who knows what would happen then?

It is true that death is the best invention of life. You should fear immortality just as much as you’d fear cancer. And celebrate death as it happens to you and to your friends and loved ones around you.

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