Quantum Thinking


Quantum theory suggests that an electron could be simultaneously present in multiple distinct positions. However the human being can only grasp the existence of such an electron at one position at a time which is that the human decides to look at. You look at it in one position and it disappears in the other, and vice versa.

The process of biological thinking is led by the flow of electrons across our neurons, and shall therefore be influenced by the rules of quantum theory. Which leads us to the following: There is nothing wrong about having two polary opposing opinions about exactly the same subject and in exactly the same time; this in fact must be the norm.

You should feel totally comfortable about expressing your great admiration of Professor Noam Chomsky during the starter course at a dinner party and then expressing your indignation towards him before the mains have arrived. This state of ultimate self-contrariety and of total uninhibited cognitive dissonance is completely natural and shall not make your opinions any weaker; in fact it makes them much more interesting. Those who strive for cognitive harmony are torturing themselves as they only show such coherence on the concious level, whilst their unconcious mind is booming with disparity and flooding with inconsonance. And for that, they will deeply suffer. Consistency is indeed the last refuge of the unimaginative.

Linguistic Sexism


The feminist movement has achieved a lot in promoting women’s rights. However, the struggle continues as he still enjoys an abundance of rights that she doesn’t. One of the issues is language where the word ‘man’ is used to describe individuals who could belong to either sex. Anyone with feminist values would be uncomfortable with the generic use of words such as spokesman, congressman, or policeman to describe individuals who could be of either gender. Those using these terms however could be excused as the word man is a simple single syllable three letter word and is much easier on the tongue than the two syllable six letter word “person”. No wonder people still use the easier terms despite strong efforts against using them. This is not sexist. What is sexist is the language itself which made the word ‘man’ so much easier than the word ‘woman’ and pushed every one to use it in excess to brand anyone who belongs to mankind, or shall we say human kind? To solve this issue of linguistic sexism, the best way would be to redefine the word ‘man’ to only mean person, and describe the male person with a word that has the same number of letters and syllables as woman. I would recommend for this purpose the use of the word ‘heman’ to refer to people possessing testicular genitalia.

On Size and Time

It is laughable for me the idea that the size of the entire observable universe, as we know it, holds any absolute significance what so ever. Whatever you find, no matter how monumentally large you think it is, rest assured it’s only a tiny fragment of a much bigger picture. The observable universe as we know it must be just an insignificant piece of a much infinitely large jigsaw puzzle that in turn is only one of a collection of billions of jigsaw puzzles.

Similarly, most will think of atoms as minuscule, but putting them into the context of the size of a single electron, the atom is a massive world just like what we think of ours. Perhaps entire civilisations live on there, atoms buzz with complex life systems that have their own struggles, their own passions and their own conflicts. The electron is also a gigantic entity when put into the context of the smaller, yet not understood, fragments that form it. There is no such thing as a smallest entity just like there is no such thing as a largest entity. Anything that there is, would be simultaneously monumentally vast and minutely small.

Time follows exactly the same trend. Time is infinite whether you look backwards where you will always find what’s older or you look forward, for there is always something newer. The cycle of size and time is infinitely beautiful, and it’s simply arrogant to try and draw a limit on either of them in either direction, no matter how old, no matter how small, no matter how large and no matter how new.



Each living being, whether a simple bacterium or a complex primate, can only perceive organisms inferior to it. Living beings, however, will continuously fail to comprehend the existence of more superior forms of life. We may understand some of the trends in which more superior life entities inflict their actions upon us through physics and chemistry, but we will never fathom the actual existence of such creatures. Every living species has evolved to perceive itself, through conscious or non-conscious methods, as the epitome of the life form, which is a necessity for the evolutionary process. A seemingly disgusting parasite thinks of itself and of its own species exactly what I or you would think of ourselves or of our own species.